Indoor Storage

Buffalo's only all-heated indoor storage facility.

Did you know that Metro Self-Storage is Buffalo’s only all-heated indoor storage facility? You can rest assured that your most prized possessions are in good hands at Metro, where we have more than 250,000 square feet of heated, secure storage space. With hundreds of storage options to choose from, we have the perfect solution to meet anyone’s needs and budget.

Pick the Right Indoor Storage Unit for You

Don’t see the specs you’re looking for, or not sure what size you need? A Metro specialist will be happy to help you pick the right storage solution for your needs from our selection of 70+ different room sizes. We are confident we will be able to help you find the right storage solutions for all your needs. 

Below pricing is for our most common room sizes only (most rooms are 8 feet tall), for additional sizes and pricing, please contact us. 

4'x4'x4' Cube

$ 60 Per Month


$ 80 per month


$ 90 per month


$ 120 per month


$ 150 Per Month


$ 170 per month


$ 235 per month


$ 250 per month

All pricing includes New York State sales tax and fees.

Same day cancellations will be 100% refunded. Reservations canceled within 7 days will be subject to a 30% holding fee. Any cancellations after 7 days are not eligible for a refund, but will receive a Metro credit of equal value valid for up to one year. Credit is not transferable. 

Rules and Regulations

Due to the nature and scope of the business, we must enforce policies and procedures for the security of all customers, staff, and operations. Particularly while dealing with COVID, it is imperative to adhere to strict operational and/or security measures.

Before reserving a storage room, please read through the following rules and regulations for storing with Metro.

Policies & Procedures

  • Prepayment must be made to reserve your storage unit.
  • Prices subject to change depending on accessibility and availability.
  • All customers and access persons must sign in at the front desk and present photo ID before accessing the building. No customers will be allowed access until they have signed in at the office and a Metro representative has verified the account.
  • Invoices are reminders only. Your rent is due on the same day of the month that you moved in.
  • When vacating a room, your account must be paid in full (cash or credit card only on day of move-out), and your room must be completely emptied and checked out by a staff member. You are legally responsible for the rent on your contract until you receive a “Move Out” receipt.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the building.
  • Food is not allowed in the building.
  • Pets are not allowed in the building.
  • No loud, obscene, or abusive language or music in the building.
  • Metro does not insure your belongings, your home owners or renters insurance usually covers personal storage. Check with your local agent first. If you need an insurer, please ask one of our staff and we will refer you to a storage insurance specialist. 
  • We are on an anniversary billing schedule, so whatever day you move in will be your monthly due date. We do not prorate.

Storage Limitations

  • No food or vehicles of any kind are permitted in the indoor storage facility.
  • No firearms or explosives are to be kept in storage rooms.
  • Any gas-powered equipment (lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.) must have all gas removed before storage.
  • Refrigerators and freezers should be defrosted before storage. Prop open the doors to avoid mold.

Late-Fee Schedule (All fees are non-negotiable)

  • Returned check fee: $35
  • 5 days overdue: $20 late fee
  • 60+ days overdue: $50 late fee
  • Once an account has been handed over to an auctioneer for non-payment, an auctioneer fee of $100-250 will be billed

Thank you for your interest in joining the Metro Self-Storage team! 

Metro Self-Storage Center operates as a subsidiary under the parent company, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. For further information regarding career opportunities, we kindly redirect you to the careers page of the William S. Hein & Co., Inc.