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Vehicle Storage
Description Size Rate Select
Car/truck storage 6x15 $142.53/mo
Motorcycle storage 3x7 $51.49/mo
Hardtop storage 5x8 $36.78/mo
Self Storage
Size Rate Select
4x4 $55.00/mo
4x8 $75.00/mo
6x8 $95.00/mo
8x8 $109.00/mo
8x12 $132.00/mo
8x16 $161.00/mo
8x21 $187.00/mo
10x20 $216.00/mo
10x24 $241.00/mo
Outdoor Storage (Trailers, Boats, RVs)
Size Rate Select
13x25 $97.00/mo
13x35 $122.00/mo
Outdoor Storage Containers
Size Rate Select
8x20 $161.00/mo
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