Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage


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In addition to providing self-storage rooms, we also have the capabilities of storing in excess of 250 vehicles in one of our 2 vehicle storage facilities. We store everything from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and jet skis.

Why keep your summer toys anywhere else? We have provided the perfect environment for protecting your investment for the past 34 years. Our building is heated, so the elements are out of the question! Be assured that no one will be near your property, as all vehicle storage areas are off limits to customers. We take pride in assuring your vehicle is safe, secure, and warm!

Stop by and see why Buffalo’s best rides sleep here for the winter!

In addition, we offer a full line of monthly maintenance services for your vehicle while it is in storage:

  • Startup Service
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Service **
  • Battery Charging Service **
  • Complimentary gentle hand wash on Entry or Exit

Even if you do not choose to have services done to your vehicle, be assured that we will charge your battery, and fill your tires on exit if they need it!

Please note that we provide only “dead” storage. This means that once the vehicle is in for storage, it cannot be removed for any reason. If an appointment is made to take the vehicle out, the contract is void. During the Summer, we do offer an “IN and OUT” service for motorcycles. Pricing is the same, but we do require a trickle charger. Please call for details.

** If requesting to use your own trickle charger or tire monitor service, we charge an additional an $8/month + tax fee. You must provide your own trickle charger for this service. Metro Storage is not responsible for chargers that fail, or compromise battery integrity. Although trickle chargers do have their advantages, we recommend we disconnect the battery. Newer model vehicles may have multiple batteries and newer electronic systems that may require service if the battery is disconnected. If you question whether or not this applies to your vehicle, call the dealership and ask for their recommendation for trickle chargers. Some models may require special charging.

Click the “Reserve a Vehicle Space” button at the top of the page to secure your space now! A customer service representative will call you back during business hours to confirm your reservation.

To guarantee your spot, just a make payment to secure your space. As always, your term will start once the vehicle arrives. You will not pay for any unused time. We appreciate your business!


  • We remove your top and install your soft top for you while you wait!
  • Free swap at the end of the season. We will re-install your hardtop in the fall free of charge and store your soft top for the winter in heated storage as well!
  • Most Jeep services are $140 for the summer out the door! $30 per month for hardtop storage (pre-pay specials available). Soft-top installation starts at $50 for previously installed tops and $100-$200 for new tops dependent on manufacturer and recommended installation time
  • Call 716-883-8000 for details, pricing and to schedule your appointment


Vehicle Storage Pricing


  • $150.00 per month
  • $450.00 for 4 months (prepay 3 get 1 free) $112.50 per month!
  • $675.00 for 6 months prepaid (25% discount) $112.50 per month!
  • $1260.00 for 12 months prepaid (30% discount) $105.00 per month!
  • All prices include all fees and NYS tax

Motorcycles/ Jet Skis (ask about our new motorcycle in and out Summer service!):

  • $50.00 per month, $80 (Jet Ski w Trailer) pre-pay specials to reflect monthly charge
  • $150.00 for 4 months (prepay 3 get 1 free) $37.50 per month!
  • $225.00 for 6 months prepaid (25% discount) $37.50 per month!
  • $420.00 for 12 months prepaid (30% discount) $35.00 per month!
  • All prices include all fees and NYS tax

Note that cancellations for reservations will be subject to a 30% holding fee up to 7 days. Any cancellations after 7 days will forfeit the reservation payment. Same day cancellations will be 100% refunded.